Journeyman Roasters is a small-batch coffee brand founded in 2020 that aims to offer customers a sense of adventure with each sip. The branding evokes a sense of wanderlust, ambition, and inspiration that is fueled by their unique roasts.

The logo consists of three recognizable symbols, combined to create something more compelling. It represents the coffee bean being roasted over a campfire, and calls forth the familiar feeling of embarking on a journey.

Logo Design

I designed a vertical business card with rounded corners to complement the shape and style of the logo.

Business Cards

I again incorporated the shape and visual language of the logo into a label design, which is added to each bag of coffee. Because this is a small-batch roaster, the handwritten descriptions give the package a personal touch, and allow for the owner to customize each label individually.

Label Design

Menu Design

I designed the menu as a portable tri-fold brochure. It features simple icons and a designated area for handwritten notes, providing a personalized touch.

In addition to their coffee, the company also sells apparel, which I designed. The capsule collection includes articles customers can enjoy while hiking, camping, or sipping their coffee at home.

Branded Apparel