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About me

I've known I wanted to be an artist since I was 5 years old! In school, I could be found doodling on every assignment and was always the last one to leave the art room.

I consider myself a "serial hobbyist." If it's a creative hobby, I've probably tried it! Cosplay, resin crafts, painting, and crocheting are a few of my faves.

In 2023 I bought a house AND got married, so I can pretty much do anything now.

Both of my dogs, Kiba & Suki, are named after anime characters.

I live and work (remotely) in Bethlehem, PA. The city's art & historical cultures are a huge inspiration for me.

I'm always eager to learn new tools and techniques that can expand my creative abilities, and I'm not afraid to dive in head first and teach myself.

I embrace change even when it's scary. Accepting and learning about the tools of the future is important so we don't become stagnant. Change is the only thing in life that’s constant!

I'm process-driven and extremely detail-oriented, because the devil (and the delight) is in the details.

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