Zero Mortals is a local metal band from the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Their style can be described as a combination of visceral, ethereal, and fun. I worked with them to design a logo for promotional items, as well as covers for their two albums.

For their logo, the band members wanted something interesting and "not too serious." I designed the logo using this fun glitch effect and simple colors.

Logo Design

Album Artwork

Zero Mortals released their single "13" in October 2020. The song and lyrics are based on the popular horror movie "Friday the 13th." I included visual elements from the movie in the song's artwork.

The band's first EP "Psycho-Incarnate" will be released in 2024. For this project, I utilized generative AI to come up with various different imagery options. I tweaked the prompt multiple times until I was satisfied with the image. I then made edits in Photoshop to perfect the design.

Examples of images generated by DALL•E 2 and Midjourney AI: