Mathway provides math homework help and step-by-step solutions to students around the world. I worked as their in-house Graphic Designer for 3 years, during which time I designed everything from App Store assets to social media content. Since Chegg’s acquisition of Mathway in June 2020, I have continued to work cross-functionally with the team on marketing assets and design updates.

Promotional Videos

Working with a production agency, I led design on this series of promotional videos for Mathway. Each video focuses on a different feature or benefit of the app. My team collaborated to brainstorm ideas and develop a creative direction, and we provided this concept, along with a script, to the agency. I then oversaw the animation process, providing feedback and ensuring our team's vision was brought to life!

Social proof is a powerful tool! This video focuses on high praise gathered from social media.

The next video highlights one of Mathway's top benefits, step-by-step solutions.

Solving problems "in a snap" with Mathway's camera is another popular and time-saving feature.

Finally, we promoted the wide range of subjects that are supported by Mathway!

App Store Screenshots

In the App Store, the screenshot previews are often a new user’s first impression of the app. To optimize Mathway's performance, I designed a set of graphics that highlight the app's key features. Our paid marketing team also conducted tests of the screenshot previews to determine which design and features would generate the most downloads.

Employee Swag

I had the opportunity to design company-branded hats, hoodies, and t-shirts for Mathway's employees. After many iterations of different concepts, the final designs turned out sleek and simple, and even included my favorite "Super Mathway" design. I then worked hand-in-hand with a local printing company to ensure the quality of the final products met our high standards.

Organic and Paid

I was responsible for designing Mathway’s organic and promoted social media posts across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The content strategy focused on adding value to followers in a variety of ways, including brand awareness, educational posts, brain teasers & puzzles, and popular memes & trends. I worked with my teammates to conceptualize content, schedule posts, and track engagement.